Professional Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal in Marietta GA

Carpet Cleaning Services Marietta GAYour carpets are certainly an important part of your home’s interior. They help create comfort and warmth in your house. But as a playground for your kids and pets, they are also the main dust collector at home. Only vacuuming once a week can’t achieve the desired thorough cleanup results, because it only removes dust and dirt particles from the surface of the fabric. And what about the ones that are entangled deep within the fibers?

Clean your carpets and rugs on a regular basis to extend their lifespan significantly. Keep them looking good and smelling fresh. Work with competent cleaners who can provide the desired results. Take good care of all stubborn stains and high-traffic areas. Trust our carpet cleaning teams with their expertise and knowledge to choose the right cleaning techniques and solutions for your specific fiber type and level of soiling.

Preserve Your Sofas and Armchairs With Deep Upholstery Cleaning

Get your soft furniture back in shape! It is one of the biggest investments in your home and you better protect it with regular cleaning. Let it look like new again, have a nice soft touch and smell fresh. Maintain its appearance, extend its lifespan.

Our upholstery cleaning process starts with careful assessment of the material to choose the right cleaning technique and stain removal products. Hard-to-remove stains are pre-treated to ensure a more thorough cleanup. After that, either hot water extraction (steam cleaning) or dry enzyme powder cleaning techniques are used to revitalize your upholstered furniture.

Advanced Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Methods and Solutions

  • Hot water extraction: A specialized machine injects water-detergent solution deep inside the carpet fabric and at the same time extracts it along with all grime, dirt, and dust. This technique is efficient for deep carpet cleaning and spot removal. Recommended for carpets and rugs made of natural fibers. Its only drawback – long drying times. Open a door or a window to speed up the drying process.
  • Dry powder cleaning: The powder is first evenly spread over the carpet’s surface and brushed carefully within the fibers. Then, a powerful vacuum machine extracts it along with all dirt and dust particles. As this technique doesn’t use water, there is no additional drying time. The process is preferred for textiles that shrink when wet or just for surface cleaning.

Benefits of Our Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services in Marietta GA

  • Get back the sweet scent and vibrant colors of your favorite carpets, rugs, couches and armchairs
  • Work with skilled textile cleaners, qualified in proper material assessment and cleaning
  • Order as regular carpet and upholstery cleaning or just as emergency stain removal
  • Achieve deep cleanup with either steam or dry cleaning methods
  • Using only organic cleaning products – safe for your kids and pets
  • A great addition to your home cleaning or office cleaning appointments
  • Save more money and time when you book more cleaning services at the same time
  • Call (770) 285-7085 now for instant price estimates


Linda Pine, Marietta GA
Can’t believe I have been cleaning my carpet on my own for so long, when Marietta Cleaning company was just around the corner. After hiring them I don’t dread getting home, because I have to clean...
Melanie Smith, East Cobb GA
A month ago we renovated the bathroom in our house. After the builders finished with the construction, they removed all big debris, but they left a lot of dust and paint all over the walls and glass surfaces....
Todd Franklin, Marietta GA
I'm a landlord and every time I have to re-lease any of my Marietta properties I use the services of professional cleaning company. In this way I am sure that the premises will be ready for the walk-through...
Denise McCarthy, Marietta GA
Marietta Cleaning managed to clean all stains from the sofas, the armchairs and the carpets in the living room. The reason for the stains - two gorgeous 1 month old french bulldogs. Some of the stains...
Betty Lawler, Sandy Plains GA
I was planning a BBQ party for the neighbors and was complaining to one of my friends that I would have to spend hours scrubbing grease of the grill. She suggested I give Marietta Cleaning a call. The...
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