Brighten Up Your Marietta Home With Streak-Free Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Services Marietta GA

Regular window cleaning is one of the key property maintenance tasks that really improve the exterior look of your house. With time, dirt and dust forms a smeared layer over the glass surface that not only decreases the appearance of your home, but also prevents natural light from entering your rooms, transforming them in very dark and unwelcoming premises.

And If you’ve already tried to clean and wash the windows by yourself, you know it’s time-consuming, tiresome and the final results are not the desired ones when you don’t have the necessary experience. Work with our local cleaners in Marietta. Benefit from advanced window cleaning equipment and the power of the distilled water. Accomplish sparkling glass surfaces with ease.

Our technicians use water-fed extension poles to properly wash windows, sills and frames up to the fourth floor of a building from the safety of the ground level. This process can remove dust, dirt, fingerprints, water spots, smudges and even paint and plaster from any window around your house. Washing with distilled water cleans and polishes the glass surface, returning its initial gloss and making it nearly transparent.

Advantages of This Extension Pole Window Cleaning Method

  • The overall process is safer for your windows and our technicians
  • Everything is performed from the safety of the ground level
  • There is no need of ladders, scaffolding and buckets of water
  • A great solution for previously inaccessible windows, sills and frames
  • No need of chemical detergents, only the power of the purified water
  • It creates a protective layer over the glass surface
  • Your windows stay cleaner for longer

Why Choose Marietta Cleaning to Wash Your Windows?

  • We offer quick and safe service that achieves spotless and sparkling windows with ease
  • You will work with knowledgeable, skillful, insured and bonded window cleaners
  • We utilize advanced techniques to clean and wash windows, sills and PVC frames
  • Inside windows are cleaned with just a squeegee and purified water
  • Choose the day and time of your service, even in the weekends at the same price
  • Many of our clients order it along their move out cleaning and gutter cleaning appointments
  • This service is also suitable for any kind of offices and commercial premises
  • Get special deals and discounts when you book more cleaning services at the same time
  • Call (770) 285-7085 now to speak with our customer care agents
  • Get a free quote for the number of windows you need cleaned


Melanie Smith, East Cobb GA
A month ago we renovated the bathroom in our house. After the builders finished with the construction, they removed all big debris, but they left a lot of dust and paint all over the walls and glass surfaces....
Linda Pine, Marietta GA
Can’t believe I have been cleaning my carpet on my own for so long, when Marietta Cleaning company was just around the corner. After hiring them I don’t dread getting home, because I have to clean...
Todd Franklin, Marietta GA
I'm a landlord and every time I have to re-lease any of my Marietta properties I use the services of professional cleaning company. In this way I am sure that the premises will be ready for the walk-through...
Denise McCarthy, Marietta GA
Marietta Cleaning managed to clean all stains from the sofas, the armchairs and the carpets in the living room. The reason for the stains - two gorgeous 1 month old french bulldogs. Some of the stains...
Betty Lawler, Sandy Plains GA
I was planning a BBQ party for the neighbors and was complaining to one of my friends that I would have to spend hours scrubbing grease of the grill. She suggested I give Marietta Cleaning a call. The...
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