Satisfied Customers’ Reviews

  • Todd Franklin, Marietta GA

    I’m a landlord and every time I have to re-lease any of my Marietta properties I use the services of professional cleaning company. In this way I am sure that the premises will be ready for the walk-through of the new tenants, which makes my job easier.

  • Betty Lawler, Sandy Plains GA

    I was planning a BBQ party for the neighbors and was complaining to one of my friends that I would have to spend hours scrubbing grease of the grill. She suggested I give Marietta Cleaning a call. The lady on the phone was very helpful, she arranged a visit with the cleaners the next day. They came on time, and I couldn’t believe how shining my grill was, after they cleaned it. You can’t go wrong hiring Marietta Cleaning!

  • Linda Pine, Marietta GA

    Can’t believe I have been cleaning my carpet on my own for so long, when Marietta Cleaning company was just around the corner. After hiring them I don’t dread getting home, because I have to clean the carpet again, I don’t panic when a guest spills wine on it and most of all, I don’t worry I will be throwing money out the window. They make my carpet look like new and charge a fraction of what you would expect.

  • Denise McCarthy, Marietta GA

    Marietta Cleaning managed to clean all stains from the sofas, the armchairs and the carpets in the living room. The reason for the stains – two gorgeous 1 month old french bulldogs. Some of the stains were very difficult to remove, so the cleaners had to treat them first with some kind of cleaning detergent and then wash the whole upholstery. Several hours later, everything was dry and smelled of freshness.

  • Melanie Smith, East Cobb GA

    A month ago we renovated the bathroom in our house. After the builders finished with the construction, they removed all big debris, but they left a lot of dust and paint all over the walls and glass surfaces. I decided that it is not a good idea to clean all that by myself, because I can cause more damage, so I hired Marietta Cleaning to do the job. Their cleaners coped very well with the cleaning tasks and now everything shines.